Tuesday, 2 October 2007

where did it go?

My evening that is... I got in from work, dyed my hair, nipped to the shop for milk and now it's gone 9.00!! I have been internet window shopping though lol. I have drooled at the Zoomz at Stampgalaxy I have been nosing at the new xmas Elzybells catalogue cute new penguins, and I have been onto the craft forum....oh and I have also been to Pinkpetticoat to look at their new downloads. So I guess that's where it's gone :)
I'm going to have a quick game of sudoko then colour some images now that I have discovered that sansodor works with wax crayons (I got 100 for a £1 at the weekend just to try them) and the results are really good. I will try to post some piccies tomorrow.

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