Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Back to work

Well that's Christmas over back at work today, what a shock to the system and it was still dark when I got to work at 7.45 :(
On a brighter note I thought I would share the card that my hubby Steve made for me (slightly begrudgingly perhaps) and the one I made for him.

He does complain that he can't find anything, I can't see why lol, I really want to try to get it more 'workable' I don't like the clear boxes in front of me with my ink pads and embossing powders and heat gun in as I need to get 3 boxes out just to emboss an image. If anybody has any suggestions please let me know.


  1. Yes I had to go back to work today also :-(
    I think it is so sweet that your husband made a card for you...and a very nice one at that!

  2. Your room is a lot tidier than mine, I work in a organised muddle.
    Love the cards.

  3. ohhhh how sweet, you make cards for each other! they are both wonderful!! as for the storage thing, hmmm, I got the embossing powders and some ink pads in boxes as well, but got my heat gun ready at a station, so that doesn't get packed away ever. I also have a stack of old catalog pages there to catch powder to pour it back into its pot. General storage wise I prefer the Iris carts with 6 drawers. I can arrange stuff in them clearly and pull out the drawer and am presented with my choices! Those carts hold a LOT of stuff and they fit under the work space or into a closet. I can make my stamping corner look real neat and clean, but when I'm AT IT, boy, it looks like a disaster area cause everything is OUT and you can barely set foot on the floor, every inch is a work space LOL

  4. you got your husband to make a card, I am impressed. Sorry no suggestions on storage, I struggle through my clutter everyday.

  5. What lovely cards you both made x

  6. That looks lovely and organised, you should see what a mess I work in.

    The only good thing that I have done, is to have my heatgun hanging right next to me - that works a treat, and it keeps it off the desk.

    Kay (SBS8)

  7. Your Hubby's card is very pro looking - sure he's not been secretly at your stash practising?!

    I 'made' my hubby make me one this year too,will have to post up his efforts to show you!

    As for getting craft room 'workable' I know what you mean. It took me ages and much re-arranging of my room before I was happy with it, hope you find yours soon!

    FYI: I've ended up keeping things that I use most often 'out' within easy reach of where I'm sitting, either in pots or stacked on shelves so long as it doesn't require lots of lid removing etc so they just need pulling out (my ink pads are stacked in a converted CD rack from Ikea, I just took some of the dividers out) Everything else I've boxed or 'put away'. I'll post some piccies up of my latest craft room layout - not pretty to look at but does the job for me (it secretly wishes it looked like Han's room!!)

    P.S Re. Finishing Calender Vs boredom, you have no idea :) but I've gone past point of no return!

  8. You both make lovely cards!

  9. Great cards Sally - I doubt my DH would ever make one for me!
    You have such a fab crafting space.
    Gloucester, UK