Thursday, 3 January 2008

Holiday photo idea

I found a great idea last year for holiday pics, how many times have you looked through your photos and there isn't a single photo of you and your other half? Well... take your own lol. It takes a little practice but it's so much fun (and you don't risk somebody running off with your camera) here a a few pics of Steve and I last November in Spain. (Steve took the photos)

Unfortunately as you can see above you cannot guarantee what sort of picture you might get !! Just practice holding the camera at arms length and shoot :) I'd love to see other attempts.


  1. Hehehe!!! great photos!!!


  2. What a cute couple! Kim sbs8

  3. Sally I love these photos and I dare say your DH was none the wiser of what you were doing lol - now does he know they are on your blog for all your net friends to see?? Leonie SBS8