Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Might not be about

Just thought I would put a quick post to let you know I might not be about much for a while. I really must get on with making 100+ invites for my step-sons' wedding later this year, I can't seem to get motivated to do loads of cards all the same :(
Hopefully when I get my ass in gear they wont take too long.


  1. wow!! And I am whining about doing about 40 invites for my parents 50th wedding aniv.!!!

  2. Wow we'll miss you but have fun and be sure and post the invite you're making. Kim sbs8

  3. Good luck, made my nephew's invites with my sister, who then didn't use them because they went to Cyprus to get married with no guests.

  4. good luck! but before you get that ass in gear I've tagged you. Please see my blog for details :) (shouldn't take long unless you've got a really complicated/weird middle name, besides, you'll need a break between those invites!)

    Fran x

  5. That sounds like a lot of invites! good luck!

  6. wow that's A LOT!!!

    Good luck hun, miss you!