Saturday, 26 April 2008

Mmm Cricut

Omg omg, I have just ordered a cricut expression :) I have wanted one for ages but could not afford it, so I decided to sell my Wii as I haven't used it for months. I was going to get it from my local craft shop, even though she is slightly dearer than I had seen on the 'net' I prefer to buy local but... Mad about cards are having a 10% off weekend making it £288 (free p&p) so I have just merrily clicked away. Must go clear some space for it to live :)
Hope you are all having good weekends, hopefully I will have some newly inspired cards to show you soon.


  1. Wow Sally, a Cricut. Need to see a pic when you get it.

  2. How exciting; I'm so happy for you & I'm sure you'll love it!!! ;-)