Friday, 24 February 2012

Just for you

This is another of my cards that I forgot to show.
This little cutie is Lili of the Valley - Milly just for you. Honest she doesn't look quite so yellow in real life.
Backing paper is Nitwits - summers end. The doily is a die cut by Cheery Lynn, the flowers are petal partners by tonic you print the flowers then punch and shape them however you like.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Here are another couple of notebooks. Both made with Nitwits Puppy Love collection. The flower on the bottom left has been put together with a foam pad in the middle for height and a sparkly brad to hold it together, it has then been coated in 'petal porcelain' (a product I found when having my clean out) which has made the paper rock hard. The box on the left has been made to size as I gave one of these to a friend :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Belated Birthday and Blue skies

I've just realised that I haven't posted this card yet. It was delayed in the Spanish postal system for a while, so I couldn't post it on the day, then I forgot!!

This took the joint brain power of myself and hubby to work out how to crop the 2 photos to make one :)

And onto the blues skies of today,

I took these at Hopsford Hall Fishery, we discovered 'geocaching' last night and there are a few in this area, so decided that as it was a nice day (but mightily chilly) we would go searching, and woohoo we found our first one :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cushions, cake and cat beds

and not a card in sight :)
Well it all started when my step-son came round armed with various bits of clothing asking if I could repair them..... being a novice with a sewing machine I said I'd do my best - all went well, then hubby asked if I could repair/alter a few bits for him 'while the machine is out'!
Well as I've said before I'm very easily distracted, I did one pair of jeans and then decided that I was now good enough to make a pair of cushion covers!! et voila
Then I got bored! So decided to make some cakes. Now I have been searching for months years for a recipe for some cakes that I remember making (and eating) as a kid, but not knowing what they were called or what they had in didn't make it easy, all I could remember was that you put your thumb in the middle of the dough and filled it with jam. After an inspired google image search for 'childrens cakes' and looking though many pages, I saw what I wanted THUMBPRINT COOKIES woohoo! The first recipe I found was so off I trotted to make them. Unfortunately I wasn't sure how many this should make so remembering that I used to roll a ball of dough in my hands I went with sort of palm sized, and made 12, I now know that my hands were much smaller some 30 years ago and I should have made about 24!! These were mahoosive, and the jam to cake ratio was a little bit off, but as you can see there were only 4 left this morning - and now they have all gone!
So they are on my to do list again for next week :)
After the baking success I decided that there was no stopping me and as hubby was out fishing I should also be playing, I thought that I would make a new cover for one of my cats beds. I dug out an old quilt cover that the embroidery was falling apart and made it smaller, keeping the bottom part with the buttons and re-sewing the sides and top.
I then really went above myself and sewed the corners to square it up. Bear in mind that the 'filling' for this is our old double quilt folded over many times and is nearly 10 inches tall, you know how cats like soft, soft, soft :)
I must admit though that as the machine has been out I've been unable to do any card making, I'm hoping that having a little break will have kick started my mojo, which seems to be trying to turn me into some sort of domesticated goddess !!!