Friday, 16 March 2012


Good morning :)
I've had quite a few questions on my last post about flitterglu, so I thought I would try to explain...
It comes in a small pot, and is a wet glue.
 You apply about half a teaspoon to a small piece of cut and dry, which then becomes you 'ink pad' They recommend washing it out after each use, but I have kept mine in a small airtight container for 3 days now :) and it's still fine (I might add a drop of water to the container to keep it damp in there)
 'Ink' your stamp with the glue and stamp onto card (very quickly as it will adhere to the card) and wash you stamp straight away with water. The glue will remain very tacky and you can go back to it the following day. You then cover the entire image with gilding flake (I used crafty notions flakes) and use a gentle sponge to take away the flakes that are not stuck.
As you can see from these pics the detail is amazing, even the very small script has gilded perfectly.
 And a close up of the detail.
 There is a starter kit available, but I just went for the glue as I already had some flakes and the cut a dry, Quite a few places online are now selling this (the maker is Indigoblu, who also have some lovely looking stamps) apparently you can also use this with clear stamps but I've not tried that yet.
I hope this helps :)

I have an interview this morning which I'm feeling very nervous about, so this has been a great distraction for me :) Anyone that knows me will know that I was made redundant 6/7 weeks ago when the company I was at went into administration, so after 16 years at the same place I'm shaking at the thought of going somewhere else.

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  1. Good luck today with the interview, it is a nerve racking time I know, take lots of deep breaths to calm the body that works for me, thinking of you!! thanks for the tutorial it was really useful Big Hugs May x x x